• to be the company that is beneficial for the public and the economy of its country
  • to supply all its products and services following the latest technology, with high quality according to the international and local laws and standards, and also applying the international standards of solas.
  • to prevent all the improprieties before they ocur for all processes.
  • to ensure its efficiency realize at the level of international competency  and to determine and apply the preventive aproaches which make its performance improve by self evaluation process.
  • to keep the customer satisfaction at the top level by fullfilling more than the expections and demands od the customers by the continious inovation and improvement approach.
  • to cooperate with the customers and suppliers based on trust.
  • to internalize the awarness of quality for all the employees, to  raise the quality level continiously with team work by quality systems to make all the employees benefit their authorities and capabilities with top level efficiency based on total quality philophy.
  • to be the prominent company according to pioneering the sector by its quality and performance.

is internalized as our quality policy.